Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Cards

For those of you who send out Christmas cards this is invaluable information.
You can get 50 free cards from SeeHere Photo Sharing. I just ordered mine and had to pay some for shipping which was less than $4.
The promotion code you use is code "freebies4mom-1109" and it expires on Nov 30. If you have pictures ready to go, I would suggest you order them asap. The discounted shipping is 7 business days. Here is a little peek at what our Christmas cards will look like:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Deseret Book

I know all of you out there can appreciate a good book. I know I do. Well, what about a free download of a book?? Don't think its possible? Think again.
My good friend Lisa told me about this. Deseret Book has a site of books you can down load for free. There is only one book offered that I have read already. Its 10 Secrets Wise Parents Know and would definitely recommend it. From what I hear from my siblings, parenting through the teen aged years can be tricky, but this book give some great ideas on how to avoid some of the struggles.

Check it out, or uh, down load for free!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Ever heard of Its free personal finance software, money management online, and budget planner . You can link your bank accounts and set up a great itemized budget all for free. You will get emails notifying you when you are close to your spending cap in your different budget areas, or if you have gone over in any area.
We love it. It is very secure website. Check it out!